Trade finance

Partner of choice for importers of commodities

Syfe Group SarlĀ financing solutions for import and export transactions of commodities. Our financing solutions facilitate mainly crude oil, gas, refined products, rice, sugar, wheat, or milk imports. We also provide facilities for imports of industrial equipment, machinery and services.

Our objective is to enable our Clients to take advantage of expanded market opportunities in order to develop their activities and increase their profitability by taking better control of their working capital requirements.

Providing innovative financing alternatives

Syfe Group SarlĀ provides traders and manufacturers with alternative forms of financing for transactions relating to basic necessities. Our innovative financing solutions complement traditional bank financing.

Trade Finance facilities are usually provided for up to a year. The facilities can be extended up to five years depending on the client's requirements and the risk profile of the transaction. Trade finance is arranged on a commercial basis, against deferred letters of credit. Where necessary, it can be structured on a revolving basis. AKZIVIA Capital Services makes extensive use of Islamic Trade Finance structures, mainly the "Murabaha" structure.