Project Finance

Syfe Group Sarl provides a full range of project finance solutions designed to help African businesses create value and growth. Drawing on the extensive expertise of its executives and their strong relationships with financial institutions and governments, Syfe Group Sarl provides tailored solutions that answer the complex and challenging financing needs of large projects.

Our team brings to each project its robust technical and advisory capabilities and its leadership in syndicating regional financings. Our skills cover a wide range:

Structuring: creating a flexible financing structure while ensuring costs are competitive.

Investments and syndications: ensuring successful distribution of debt in regional markets, thereby creating new banking relationships for our clients and ensuring them that the funds will be available according to agreed terms.

Facilitation: liaising between the borrower and the banks and assisting prospective lenders in enhancing their technical understanding and associated risks of the project.

Structured finance: planning for raising funds based mainly on value of assets or projects’ expected cash flows (asset base financing, asset backed securities, securitizations).